How to prepare for tent camping

Some of you are camping buffs, but others might be newer to the idea of tent camping.  There’s also the possibility that you personally love the outdoors, but you’re planning a camping trip with friends or family who aren’t as excited about the concept.  I fall into this category. I love camping.  I love building […]

Day Hike List: What you need to bring

Going on a day hike can be a ton of fun, and can also be a great introduction to hiking for people who aren’t quite sure they want to become hiking die-hards.  A day hike list, that has everything you might want or need, is an incredibly helpful tool for people who are new to […]

Capture the Flag Variations

Capture the Flag is one of the games most identified as belonging at camp.  Many campers look forward to playing some variation as the high point of their time at camp, and campsites are one of the few places capture the flag can actually be played on the kind of large scale it was intended […]

Camping Cooking Gear: 8 Essential Kitchen Supplies

Cooking over a fire is a different type of process than cooking in the comfort of your kitchen.  Not only is it more challenging to do, you always want to take as few kitchen supplies with you camping as possible, which means you have limited tools.  This list of absolute essential kitchen supplies will help […]

Gear You Need for Cold Weather Camping

Camping anytime other than the middle of the summer can be a challenge, and one of the main difficulties is the potential temperature drops.  Even a late spring camping trip can be ruined because of cold weather.  To prevent this problem, several products have been developed to keep you warm while enjoying the great outdoors […]

Networking | Just Do It!

The word “networking” has taken on multiple meanings over the years, some of them negative.  In this case, the word is meant to include the process of connecting with similar organizations to yours, or organizations that can help you in your mission.  It is about connecting with them, getting to know them, understanding how they […]

Is ethical management possible for Christian non-profits?

The conversation around business ethics is generally stuffy, dull, and fairly incomprehensible.  And when it’s not, the conversation is just so basic we learn nothing at all.  For those of us who clearly fit the role of non-profit managers, we know the basics of business ethics and know we meet the standards required; we know that we strive for […]

Telling Your Story | sharing your mission

As many of you know, I have changed my career track a bit in the past year.  I have gone from full-time work in Christian camp ministry to full-time work in a creative online endeavor…which is how this site has become so intricately connected to NellieBellie and Savvy Sites.  At times, this huge life transition […]

Five Tips to Increase Camp Signups – Without Spending Any Money

By Peggy Chang of Activity Hero Science classes and art lessons and soccer camps, oh my! Activity providers across the country are essential for providing enriching programs for the over 11 million Americans that attend camps and the 8.4 million children enrolled in afterschool programs. However, many wonder how they can reach more families and […]

5 Tips to Time Management

Everyone in non-profit ministry work understands the importance of using time well.  We have dozens of daily responsibilities and hundreds of tasks to accomplish during the course of each week.  We try to prioritize and save the less important tasks for later, but eventually even the less important tasks need to be completed. Eventually everything […]