Camping Cooking Gear: 8 Essential Kitchen Supplies

Essential Kitchen Supplies for Camp Cooking!

Cooking over a fire is a different type of process than cooking in the comfort of your kitchen.  Not only is it more challenging to do, you always want to take as few kitchen supplies with you camping as possible, which means you have limited tools.  This list of absolute essential kitchen supplies will help you weed out the extras, while still bringing along the supplies you’ll want to have a fun time eating over the fire!

Tin foil:

A roll of tin foil is something you should always bring with you camping.  It can be molded into bowls, plates, spoons, stirring utensils, and more.  You can lay it flat for a skillet, or wrap it around your food and throw that food right into the fire to cook.  If you have no other kitchen utensils, you can still cook and serve food if you have tin foil.  It’s camping magic.

Camping cooking gearCast Iron Skillet:

A good cast iron skillet is one of the most important cooking utensils for camping.  This skillet can cook basically anything you want, is durable, easy to clean, and can even be put right in the coals if necessary.  If you keep nothing else on hand for camping, have a good skillet.

camping cooking gear

Large bin/basin for dishes:

Even if you use paper plates and plastic utensils, you will still have at least a few dishes that need to be washed.  Bring along a large bin to substitute as a sink.  If you want to, bring a second bin as a “rinsing” bin.  Being able to wash your dishes fairly easily will really make your camping trip a lot more fun for everyone.

camping cooking gear

Sharp Knife:

If you are planning on catching fish for supper, a filet knife is a good choice.  Otherwise, consider bringing along a knife or two that have these handy protective cases to help make sure no one is hurt.  A sharp knife will be useful for all sorts of things while camping, not just cooking your food.

camping cooking gear



You want a mug for each person camping.  If people have mugs, then you don’t really need to bring along plates, bowls, etc.  One mug will work for everything.  And if you also brought along a bin for dish washing, even the picky people can simply rinse out their mugs between uses.  Go from coffee to eggs to beans without bringing a whole ton of stuff!

camping cooking gear

Can Opener:

Chances are, you are going to be eating at least some of your meals from cans.  Baked beans over the fire, anyone?  Make sure you bring this handy little tool with you for those cans; we recommend simply buying a cheap one of these and keeping it with your camping gear so you never forget it.

camping cooking gear


Whether you bring along a single spork for each person and one wooden spoon, or a whole host of plastic silverware, just be sure there’s something people can use.  Tin foil will work in a pinch, but it is much more comfortable using actual utensils.


camping cooking gearPot/Percolator:

Unless by some tragedy no one in your family or camping group drinks coffee, you are going to want some easy way to make it.  A percolator is great if you aren’t going to be doing a ton of hiking to your camping site…and it’s a ton of fun.  No filters or anything needed, just cups to pour the brew into when it’s finished.  A percolator also doubles as a pot for soup,etc. so you don’t need to bring a second pot with you.

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