Staff Exit Interviews: Top Tips

As summer nears its end, the time is coming for transitions and interviews.  Those of you running camps are seeing your summer staff leave.  Those of you in other small businesses are preparing to transition to a smaller staff size, or maybe hiring new people.  No matter what your specific case, as staff leave your […]

Is ethical management possible for Christian non-profits?

The conversation around business ethics is generally stuffy, dull, and fairly incomprehensible.  And when it’s not, the conversation is just so basic we learn nothing at all.  For those of us who clearly fit the role of non-profit managers, we know the basics of business ethics and know we meet the standards required; we know that we strive for […]

Telling Your Story | sharing your mission

As many of you know, I have changed my career track a bit in the past year.  I have gone from full-time work in Christian camp ministry to full-time work in a creative online endeavor…which is how this site has become so intricately connected to NellieBellie and Savvy Sites.  At times, this huge life transition […]

5 Tips to Time Management

Everyone in non-profit ministry work understands the importance of using time well.  We have dozens of daily responsibilities and hundreds of tasks to accomplish during the course of each week.  We try to prioritize and save the less important tasks for later, but eventually even the less important tasks need to be completed. Eventually everything […]

Faithfulness is enough for Today

As camp leaders, we are in the constant process of improving our capabilities and growing our skills.  We read magazines like this one and scour online articles hunting for more information that might help us to better organize our campsites and manage staff, volunteers, and donors.  We desire to constantly improve ourselves and better serve […]

Recharging our batteries | Rest

As non-profit staff members, we work in situations where our jobs often directly affect people in powerful ways.  We are in charge of children, adults with special needs, struggling moms and parents, confused teens, and a whole host of other people who are counting on us to be present and work hard.  And because of […]

The 3 Needs: Safety, Value, Enjoyment

Every person you come across as camp staff will have different needs and expectations.  You will never be in a position to provide for all of those needs, but there are 3 needs basic to everyone that you should always strive to provide to the people among whom you work. Safety:  Anyone who enters your campsite, […]

Winter Safety

Camps spend a great deal of time emphasizing safety when working with children during the summer.  Staff are typically well trained to deal with a variety of injuries, emergencies, and other problems that might come up.  Most camps have guidelines for preventing dehydrations and heatstroke, for dealing with sunburn and headaches, and for a whole […]

Hospitality 310: Small Details

Good hospitality is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to maximize your campsite’s potential and keep it running at a profit (or at least not at a deficit). Hospitality is first and foremost about making people feel valued (read The 3 Needs for more information on what that’s so important).  After your camp has […]

Tips for Greater Productivity

Don’t check e-mail until after lunch. Your best hours for focus and critical thinking are in the morning, so use mornings to accomplish the most difficult and important tasks.  E-mail can wait until the hours when your brain operates more slowly; the afternoon. Prioritize.  Do the most important tasks first.  Let everything else fit into whatever […]