How to Deal with Homesickness

This is a problem every campsite has to deal with; even day camps can be required to deal wit homesickness in some form.  Campers are excited and eager to get some independence and take part in all the adventures camps can provide.  During times of high energy campers do fine, but when nighttime or more […]

Social Media Policy

Technology is a key part of today’s society.  It permeates almost every aspect of American society, and it is something that is here to stay.    Many camps take the avoidance approach; they try to keep technology out of their campsite, but that is becoming more and more impossible.  Because technology is so pervasive, campsites […]

Website Design

In today’s culture, your campsite’s website is one of your greatest advertising tools.  Your website is the first place potential campers will go to form opinions about you.  A well designed website can be transformative for your campsite; a poorly designed website can destroy you.  This dichotomy may seem a bit extreme, but consider your […]

Productivity: Stress

Stress can reduce productivity and is also incredibly harmful to your health.   The best way to limit stress is to get rid of stressors; that is pretty much impossible in a camp setting.  Last minute problems come up, emergencies happen, and you need to be available pretty much every moment of the day.  Since we […]

Productivity: Nutrition

Let’s be honest; campsites are generally not known for their healthy food.  And, for the most part, that’s probably okay; your campers are not eating your food as part of a regular diet.  But for the long term, nutrition is of incredible importance to staff productivity. Nutrition directly affects stamina, energy, clarity, and focus. If […]

Productivity: Hours

Knowing how to use work hours well is probably the most important part of increasing productivity.  And along with that is understanding that all hours are not the same.  What does that mean?  Here are a few facts to illustrate this point: People are most able to focus and learn new things from 9am-12pm. The […]

Productivity: Office Space

For the next few weeks, the topic is going to be productivity.  Your staff works hard, you work hard, and you want to have something to show for all that work in the end.  The topics covered in this Productivity series will help your hard work yield even greater results. Today’s productivity tip has to […]

The Advertising Funnel

The advertising funnel is a tool used by non-profit and for-profit organizations and corporations around the world.  It is a fairly simple and straightforward philosophy on how to maximize advertising potential.  The basic idea is to start with a wide advertising scope and slowly narrow it down. The advertising worksheet available here only has three […]

Last Minute Problems

Camps deal with pretty much any situation you can think of, and last minute issues pop up quite often.  An activity doesn’t work out, a shipment comes in late, a staff member gets sick. Whenever these problems come up, staff are expected to drop everything and fix it.  Often, you get calls during off hours and even […]

Creating Posters that Pop

Posters are one of the most basic types of advertisement and do a good job of creating general awareness.  Though you will want more individualized campaigns further down the advertising funnel, posters are a key part to most plans.  A well done poster will engage your audience and encourage positive opinions of you and your […]