Is ethical management possible for Christian non-profits?

The conversation around business ethics is generally stuffy, dull, and fairly incomprehensible.  And when it’s not, the conversation is just so basic we learn nothing at all.  For those of us who clearly fit the role of non-profit managers, we know the basics of business ethics and know we meet the standards required; we know that we strive for […]

Registration Software

Finding appropriate registration software for your campsite can be a tremendous challenge.  We are either bombarded with options, or hunting endlessly for even one that fits our needs.  Some of us are new to outside data hosting and don’t even know where to begin.  But we all know how useful this software is, and how […]

The Beauty of FIFO

Anyone working in food service knows what FIFO stands for: First In First Out The process is quite simple; the foods that are brought into the kitchen first need to be moved into the front and newer products are placed in the back.  This ensures that food is always as fresh as possible and resources […]

The Power of Paint

Paint never gets the kind of attention it deserves. Paint is cheap. Paint is easy. Paint can hide a ton of problems. Paint can make anything look fresh and new. Painting can be done by anyone. The five main reasons that paint should be given a place of honor at every campsite.  More reasons exist, […]

Ministry…or Business?

Business: A corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern. Ministry: The act of serving. The distinction between ministry and business is certainly an important one.  If camping were just a business, the main concern would be making a profit.  Attention would be given to serving our campers only inasmuch as that […]