Social Media Basics for Small Business

I realize some camps have an issue with technology.  Scratch that.  Many camps.  And other small businesses. It seems to go against the mission and purpose of the place. But hear me out.  Understanding social media basics is an absolute must for almost everyone; yes, even camps!  Why? Businesses need to be where their customers are.  Your […]

The 3 Needs: Safety, Value, Enjoyment

Every person you come across as camp staff will have different needs and expectations.  You will never be in a position to provide for all of those needs, but there are 3 needs basic to everyone that you should always strive to provide to the people among whom you work. Safety:  Anyone who enters your campsite, […]

10 ways to use chalkboard and whiteboard paint

Okay, if you don’t know what chalkboard paint and whiteboard paint are, you really need to.  They are awesome.  And available pretty easily.  Walmart even carries chalkboard paint.  They have a ton of great uses, and are pretty cheap as well.  Here are a few ways camps can use them to be more effective.  One […]

Website Options: Responsive Design, HTML 5, Mobile Sites,…BAH!

It is probably safe to say that very, VERY few camping professionals got into their positions with the hopes of spending a good portion of their time updating social media and websites. We are in our jobs for different reasons.  Like kids.  And families.  And leadership potential.  And making memories.  And nature.  And a whole […]

Winter Safety

Camps spend a great deal of time emphasizing safety when working with children during the summer.  Staff are typically well trained to deal with a variety of injuries, emergencies, and other problems that might come up.  Most camps have guidelines for preventing dehydrations and heatstroke, for dealing with sunburn and headaches, and for a whole […]

The Winter Blues

As camp staff, we are constantly on the go.  There are always people around, staff needing our help, and campers clamoring for our attention.  We become accustomed to a high energy environment with a lot of bustle and noise.  But then the months of January and February come along, and everything changes.  Though some camps […]

Staff Tension: Some Guidelines

Alright.  Staff tension happens. We don’t always agree with each other, and sometimes we show it.  Especially during the stressful times, we can have a lot of difficulty working well with certain people.  This is a natural part of being one person in a group of other people; we think differently and work differently, and […]

15 Kid Friendly Foods

Kid friendly foods can be challenging, especially when you want your menu to have variety and be nutritious.  But there are a few tried and true food options that every campsite should add to their menus to make them more kid friendly.  Think of others?  Add them to the comments so everyone can benefit! Breakfast: […]

New Camp Food Options

There are certain foods that every camp considers a staple.  Hamburgers.  Pancakes.  Corn dogs.  And for anyone working at camp, these foods quickly lose their excitement.  We eat meal after meal in the cafeteria, and each week we are almost guaranteed the same menu as the week before.  It works. We choose them because they are […]

Registration Software

Finding appropriate registration software for your campsite can be a tremendous challenge.  We are either bombarded with options, or hunting endlessly for even one that fits our needs.  Some of us are new to outside data hosting and don’t even know where to begin.  But we all know how useful this software is, and how […]