Is ethical management possible for Christian non-profits?

The conversation around business ethics is generally stuffy, dull, and fairly incomprehensible.  And when it’s not, the conversation is just so basic we learn nothing at all.  For those of us who clearly fit the role of non-profit managers, we know the basics of business ethics and know we meet the standards required; we know that we strive for […]

Website Options: Responsive Design, HTML 5, Mobile Sites,…BAH!

It is probably safe to say that very, VERY few camping professionals got into their positions with the hopes of spending a good portion of their time updating social media and websites. We are in our jobs for different reasons.  Like kids.  And families.  And leadership potential.  And making memories.  And nature.  And a whole […]

The Winter Blues

As camp staff, we are constantly on the go.  There are always people around, staff needing our help, and campers clamoring for our attention.  We become accustomed to a high energy environment with a lot of bustle and noise.  But then the months of January and February come along, and everything changes.  Though some camps […]

Internship Programs: What they Aren’t

As more colleges and universities require real-life experiences, camps are getting on board by offering internship programs to college students and recent graduates.  Summer and year-round internship programs are incredible opportunities for campsites to gain personnel resources.  They also provide a chance for campsites to train the next generation in campsite work. But internship programs […]

Why are my volunteers leaving?

This is a question that is rarely asked out loud.  We fear this question will be followed by even less desirable questions like: Why aren’t you working harder to keep them? Why don’t they think your campsite is worth it? What are you doing wrong? Why don’t they feel valued? Who’s to be blame? So the […]


Newsletters are something every campsite has to deal with, and for good reason.  They are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to distribute information about your campsite to potential donors and clients.  But creating newsletters can be time consuming, especially if the person in charge of writing them is not the creative type.  Newsletters […]

Clarifying your camp’s Purpose

Every campsite is unique.  Each camp has a special setting, specific resources, and individualized programming uniquely suited to their campsite. This means that each camp should have a unique camp purpose. But if you look at the mission statements, vision statements, and purpose statements for Christian campsites across the United States, you will see very […]

Varying Volunteer Motives

Too often campsites expect their volunteers to have completely altruistic motives for helping out.  But the truth is that altruism is rarely complete and people have more than one motives in volunteering.  Good volunteer management requires we have an honest understanding of the mixed motives our volunteers carry with them.  We certainly want volunteers to […]