Field Experience Curriculum

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How to prepare for tent camping

Some of you are camping buffs, but others might be newer to the idea of tent camping.  There’s also the possibility that you personally love the outdoors, but you’re planning a camping trip with friends or family who aren’t as excited about the concept.  I fall into this category. I love camping.  I love building […]

Day Hike List: What you need to bring

Going on a day hike can be a ton of fun, and can also be a great introduction to hiking for people who aren’t quite sure they want to become hiking die-hards.  A day hike list, that has everything you might want or need, is an incredibly helpful tool for people who are new to […]

Camping Cooking Gear: 8 Essential Kitchen Supplies

Cooking over a fire is a different type of process than cooking in the comfort of your kitchen.  Not only is it more challenging to do, you always want to take as few kitchen supplies with you camping as possible, which means you have limited tools.  This list of absolute essential kitchen supplies will help […]

Gear You Need for Winter Camping

Camping anytime other than the middle of the summer can be a challenge, and one of the main difficulties is the potential temperature drops.  Even a late spring camping trip can be ruined because of cold weather.  To prevent this problem, several products have been developed to keep you warm while enjoying the great outdoors […]