Hospitality 310: Small Details

Good hospitality is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to maximize your campsite’s potential and keep it running at a profit (or at least not at a deficit). Hospitality is first and foremost about making people feel valued (read The 3 Needs for more information on what that’s so important).  After your camp has […]

The Advertising Funnel

The advertising funnel is a tool used by non-profit and for-profit organizations and corporations around the world.  It is a fairly simple and straightforward philosophy on how to maximize advertising potential.  The basic idea is to start with a wide advertising scope and slowly narrow it down. The advertising worksheet available here only has three […]

Interesting Advertising that Works

As a general rule, campsites understand how to advertise.  They know how to create brochures, posters, and newsletters.  They understand the importance of visiting churches and schools and having conversations with key people in the community.  But often times these forms of advertising aren’t enough to maximize potential. Dipping into other advertising sources can be […]

Creating Forms

As camp leaders, creating forms is a consistent responsibility.  Forms are required for basically everything.  You have order forms, evaluation forms, indemnity forms, interest forms, event planning forms, schedules; the list is never ending.  And these forms are usually different enough that new ones need to be created for each event or guest group.  Keeping […]

Conferences: Moving from Casual to Formal

During the summer, most campsites are very informal places where kids can run around and play without fear of anything being destroyed.  But as the summer winds down, campsites move into retreat and conference season.  With this season comes greater variety in clientele, and this variety can require a more formal setting.  Pastor’s conferences and […]

Hospitality Basics | Hospitality 101

Hospitality is one of very few gifts camp professionals can offer guests and volunteers without any monetary cost.  Though some preferred methods of hospitality may cost a little, hospitality is essentially a limitless resource.  Using hospitality to its greatest extent requires a good knowledge of what hospitality is, why it is important, and how it […]