Training: Full-time Staff

Training full-time staff can be a delicate process. Particularly if they’ve been working with your campsite for a while. Here’s just a few tips to help that process along: Train Immediately This is no different than training for volunteers and summer staff.  You want your staff’s first interactions with your campsite and their job to […]

Training: Summer Staff

The process of training summer staff is one of the most complicated and challenging tasks for anyone working in Christian camping.  These staff are the heartbeat of the camp, and their capabilities and attitudes directly influence hundreds, maybe thousands, of individuals.  To that end… Tips for training summer staff: Organize time carefully You have a […]

Training: Volunteers

These training articles will look a little different from previous ones.  That’s because no explanation needs to given as to why training is important. We know it is. So let’s get to the meat of it:  Tips to help with training volunteers. Make training standard.  Some campsites do that already, and reap the benefits of […]

Planning your Fundraiser

Fundraisers are littered with details.  And you can find information on most of those details in other areas of the Event Planning tab.  Information is available on timetables, advertising, organization, and more.  This article serves a different purpose. The focus of this article is the purpose of fundraisers. Most people decide to put together a […]

Creating Forms

As camp leaders, creating forms is a consistent responsibility.  Forms are required for basically everything.  You have order forms, evaluation forms, indemnity forms, interest forms, event planning forms, schedules; the list is never ending.  And these forms are usually different enough that new ones need to be created for each event or guest group.  Keeping […]

Conferences: Moving from Casual to Formal

During the summer, most campsites are very informal places where kids can run around and play without fear of anything being destroyed.  But as the summer winds down, campsites move into retreat and conference season.  With this season comes greater variety in clientele, and this variety can require a more formal setting.  Pastor’s conferences and […]

Hospitality Basics | Hospitality 101

Hospitality is one of very few gifts camp professionals can offer guests and volunteers without any monetary cost.  Though some preferred methods of hospitality may cost a little, hospitality is essentially a limitless resource.  Using hospitality to its greatest extent requires a good knowledge of what hospitality is, why it is important, and how it […]