10 Tips for Staff Training

Give good tours.  You want your staff to feel comfortable with where they are working, both because it will help them to feel like they belong and because it will make them more willing to ask questions. Create detailed job descriptions.  Your staff should know the basics of what is expected of them just by […]

The Dark Side of Teambuilding Activities

Teambuilding activities of every variety can be found in hundreds of locations on the internet.  Some of these activities really are very helpful, some aren’t useful at all, and others are somewhere in the middle.  The problem for camp staff isn’t in finding activities to do; the problem is discerning which activities are going to […]

2nd Year Staff Training

Summer staff training for 2nd years should look different  from training for new staff. Usually it doesn’t. Creating a schedule for two different groups of people is difficult (and planning training is hard enough), and there’s also the issue of staff bonding.  The time staff spend together during training is vital in creating good working […]


Giving out tours is likely an almost daily occurrence at your campsite.  You not only have campers and their parents wanting tours, but you have donors and community members.  New staff and volunteers need more extensive tours, and board members like the occasional tour as something changes.  All of these people are important to your […]

Training: Full-time Staff

Training full-time staff can be a delicate process. Particularly if they’ve been working with your campsite for a while. Here’s just a few tips to help that process along: Train Immediately This is no different than training for volunteers and summer staff.  You want your staff’s first interactions with your campsite and their job to […]

Training: Summer Staff

The process of training summer staff is one of the most complicated and challenging tasks for anyone working in Christian camping.  These staff are the heartbeat of the camp, and their capabilities and attitudes directly influence hundreds, maybe thousands, of individuals.  To that end… Tips for training summer staff: Organize time carefully You have a […]

Training: Volunteers

These training articles will look a little different from previous ones.  That’s because no explanation needs to given as to why training is important. We know it is. So let’s get to the meat of it:  Tips to help with training volunteers. Make training standard.  Some campsites do that already, and reap the benefits of […]