Instagram for Camps and Small Businesses

If you don’t know it yet, Instagram is the up-and-coming social media to use for brands and businesses.  Instagram used to be a space reserved for interacting with close friends and family, but that is quickly changing.  More and more businesses and brands are looking to harness the visual power of Instagram and are seeing […]

Facebook for Camps and Small Businesses

Using Facebook as a way to advertise your camp or small business is becoming more and more difficult as Facebook continues to change their algorithm, making it harder for people to see the content you post.  Just because someone liked your page doesn’t mean they will see your updates!  But, even though it is more […]

Twitter for Camps and Small Businesses

Twitter is a foreign concept to a lot of smaller businesses.  Many people have misconceptions about what Twitter is used for, and think Twitter is simply a space to tell people what sandwich you ate for lunch.  If that’s how Twitter was used, it wouldn’t be something to consider.  But the truth is, Twitter can […]

Social Media Basics for Small Business

I realize some camps have an issue with technology.  Scratch that.  Many camps.  And other small businesses. It seems to go against the mission and purpose of the place. But hear me out.  Understanding social media basics is an absolute must for almost everyone; yes, even camps!  Why? Businesses need to be where their customers are.  Your […]

Hospitality 310: Small Details

Good hospitality is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to maximize your campsite’s potential and keep it running at a profit (or at least not at a deficit). Hospitality is first and foremost about making people feel valued (read The 3 Needs for more information on what that’s so important).  After your camp has […]

How to Deal with Homesickness

This is a problem every campsite has to deal with; even day camps can be required to deal wit homesickness in some form.  Campers are excited and eager to get some independence and take part in all the adventures camps can provide.  During times of high energy campers do fine, but when nighttime or more […]


Giving out tours is likely an almost daily occurrence at your campsite.  You not only have campers and their parents wanting tours, but you have donors and community members.  New staff and volunteers need more extensive tours, and board members like the occasional tour as something changes.  All of these people are important to your […]


Ah.  Christianese. Anyone with any kind of history in Christian circles knows without question what this unique language entails.  It includes words like “calling”, “discernment”, “spiritual disciplines”, and “contentment”.  The more intensive dialects of Christianese require in-depth knowledge of premillenialism, Armenian theology, Old Testament purity laws, and a wide range of Scriptural references to be […]

Hospitality 201: Being Available

One of the key aspects of great hospitality is being available and accessible to your guests when they have questions, problems, or needs.  Your guests are in a new environment, which is inherently a little less comfortable, and are quite unlikely to come seeking you out if they have needs (especially if they are smaller […]

Hospitality 102: The Friendly Greeting

Hospitality is vital to anyone in Christian camping, and it is one of the most valuable resources every camp staff member has available to them.  The basics of hospitality are simple, but getting into the details of how hospitality should look on your campsite becomes progressively more difficult. One of the first steps in the […]