Last Minute Problems

Camps deal with pretty much any situation you can think of, and last minute issues pop up quite often.  An activity doesn’t work out, a shipment comes in late, a staff member gets sick. Whenever these problems come up, staff are expected to drop everything and fix it.  Often, you get calls during off hours and even […]

Creating Posters that Pop

Posters are one of the most basic types of advertisement and do a good job of creating general awareness.  Though you will want more individualized campaigns further down the advertising funnel, posters are a key part to most plans.  A well done poster will engage your audience and encourage positive opinions of you and your […]

Why are my volunteers leaving?

This is a question that is rarely asked out loud.  We fear this question will be followed by even less desirable questions like: Why aren’t you working harder to keep them? Why don’t they think your campsite is worth it? What are you doing wrong? Why don’t they feel valued? Who’s to be blame? So the […]

Training: Full-time Staff

Training full-time staff can be a delicate process. Particularly if they’ve been working with your campsite for a while. Here’s just a few tips to help that process along: Train Immediately This is no different than training for volunteers and summer staff.  You want your staff’s first interactions with your campsite and their job to […]

Training: Volunteers

These training articles will look a little different from previous ones.  That’s because no explanation needs to given as to why training is important. We know it is. So let’s get to the meat of it:  Tips to help with training volunteers. Make training standard.  Some campsites do that already, and reap the benefits of […]

Staff Woes: When to Let Go

One of the most challenging tasks of staff management is making decisions about whether to keep certain staff members or to let them go.  No one ever takes this lightly, and having to fire someone causes stress and frustration for the person in charge, as well as strain on the entire organization.  Christian camps have […]

Staff Woes: Conflicting Styles

Continuing on the theme of staff conflict, let’s take some time to consider the conflicts that arise from different leadership and work styles.  Working in any group will provide a mixed bag of personality types.  There will always be the funny one, the serious one, the organized one, the laid-back one, the worrier, the pessimist, […]

Staff Expectations: Working Hard, or Not

In every group, there is the person who works harder than everyone else.  And there’s the person who works the least.  This is reality.  And when you think about it logistically, this is the way it has to be.  We are all different people who interact in unique ways.  Whenever you put multiple staff together, these […]


Newsletters are something every campsite has to deal with, and for good reason.  They are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to distribute information about your campsite to potential donors and clients.  But creating newsletters can be time consuming, especially if the person in charge of writing them is not the creative type.  Newsletters […]


Ah.  Christianese. Anyone with any kind of history in Christian circles knows without question what this unique language entails.  It includes words like “calling”, “discernment”, “spiritual disciplines”, and “contentment”.  The more intensive dialects of Christianese require in-depth knowledge of premillenialism, Armenian theology, Old Testament purity laws, and a wide range of Scriptural references to be […]