Outdoor Education Syllabus

University of Minnesota YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM CI 5960 Seminar Topic: Outdoor Education as Youth Development Main Ideas/Learning Outcomes This seminar will focus on the history and philosophy behind Outdoor Education as a tool for youth work and development. It will offer space for exploration of the topic and a solid base for understanding. We […]

YDL Reflection

YDL Reflection I have chosen to express a few key learning moments in the program, disappointments, and areas of growth. The pieces may be disconnected, but I believe convey the most significant influences the program has had on me. Learning Moments Sercombe Master’s Thesis For my final “project” in Mike’s class, I chose to read […]

Definition of Youth Development

Definition of Development, Youth or Otherwise When encountering the question of my personal definition of youth development, I cannot answer without first addressing my perception of youth as a category, as I believe this perception to be central to any interaction with these individuals. After discussing the term “youth” and its many interpretations and connotations, […]

Field Experience Reflection

Evaluation matters. Evaluation has never seemed insignificant to me, but I have very rarely been in a position to see how tremendously the process of evaluation can affect the quality, consistency, and intentionality of a program. Generally, I have been involved in programs that include a certain amount of evaluation at various points of a […]

Field Experience Curriculum

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Reflection on Adult Education

  Urban and rural adult education programs deal with many issues and challenges in their attempts to assist adult learners in continuing their educations. While many similarities exist between urban and rural learners, differences should also be considered in program planning and implementation. Key challenges adult education programs must address include location to potential students, […]

How I Learn Best: Experiential Education

In considering the question of how I learn best, I struggled to put to words the specific structures and settings that worked best to evoke the desire for learning and understanding in me. Immediately, this frustrated me. I have spent almost my whole life in some type of traditional education institution, and enjoy the process […]

Community Final Paper

  Over the course of this class, many unexpected learning opportunities have arisen. Many of these learning opportunities surrounded the theme of community, including themes of organizations and specific community structures that I have written about in previous papers.  But the one experience that stands out to me as most significant and beneficial is only […]