Salmon Run | Ecological Game

The salmon run is a game that teaches students the basics of salmon migration, as well as introduces basic ideas of conservation. The set up of the game is a bit confusing the first time, but once you understand how it functions, it becomes very easy to replicate and lead. Set-up: Salmon Run Diagram Put […]

Sheet Drop | Name Game

Sheet drop is a name game icebreaker that is great for learning names. All you need for this game is a sheet and at least 8-10 people (though it works for much larger groups). Split the group in half. Have these two groups separate a little bit and take a seat either on chairs or […]

Capture the Flag Variations

Capture the Flag is one of the games most identified as belonging at camp.  Many campers look forward to playing some variation as the high point of their time at camp. Camps are also one of the few places capture the flag can actually be played on the kind of large scale it was intended […]

Winter Snow Fun

Finding summer games on the internet is easy; they’re everywhere.  The hardest part of summer game planning is choosing from the thousands of options.  Winter game planning is much more challenging.  Very few games to play in the snow exist, and those that do are not well advertised or known among a variety of campsites.  This article is […]

Mad Grab (Icebreaker)

This Mad Grab icebreaker is particularly useful to begin the process of getting to know what people think of themselves.  It is also good because there is no prep required and all materials can simply be found in whatever environment you are using. How to Play: Find a number of objects to be “grabbed”.  These […]

One Minute Please (Icebreaker)

The aim of this icebreaker is to talk for one minute on a given subject. Subjects can range from something as ridiculous as “Why chocolate is a vegetable” to topics as relevant as “10 Best Parts of a Conference”.  You can choose subjects based completely on your own needs and desired outcomes. How it is […]


Before the required listing of options for group icebreakers, let’s take some time to go through a few important pointers regarding how to use them well.  Know your group.  Icebreakers can be very effective for certain groups, and not very effective for others.  A group of adults isn’t going to enjoy certain icebreakers that a […]

Icebreaker- Beach Ball Tell All

This icebreaker is a great warm-up for groups that have had little or no interaction with each other.  It is low energy and allows members to have their own personal space and not have to do anything too crazy. How to play: 1. Before the group arrives, you’ll need to buy a beach ball and […]

Water Wars

Summer camp is hardly complete without some form of water entertainment.  Lakes, rivers, pools, waterslides, blobs, rafts, canoes, and kayaks are all part of the fun.  And water wars rank right up there at the top.  They are usually one of the most remembered pieces of camp, especially for younger campers, and are one of […]

Giant Games

One of the most underutilized resources for camps is ‘gap times’ and ‘gap spaces’. Gap times are those 5-25 minute slots that happen between the official scheduling.  It is the time before breakfast, or between free time and chapel, or after supper before the next game is ready.  Camp weeks are filled will little sections […]