Organizational Styles

A guest post…that is still relevant here. Thanks for inviting me over to your “real” website, NellieBellie.  It’s cuter than the one I hang out at. I know NellieBellie best by her alter-ego, Mrs. Fix It.  That’s her side job.  And I’m in charge of keeping her organized and on top of everything. And let […]

Dodgeball Variations

While I strongly believe traditional dodgeball has no place at camp (as explained in this article), the reality is that many campers and campsites LOVE it.  LOVE.  All caps.  Many campers have come to expect the game during their summer experiences, and there are even campsites that have entire traditions surrounding it.  With that reality […]

Winter Snow Fun

Finding summer games on the internet is easy; they’re everywhere.  The hardest part of summer game planning is choosing from the thousands of options.  Winter game planning is much more challenging.  Very few games to play in the snow exist, and those that do are not well advertised or known among a variety of campsites.  This article is […]

Mad Grab (Icebreaker)

This Mad Grab icebreaker is particularly useful to begin the process of getting to know what people think of themselves.  It is also good because there is no prep required and all materials can simply be found in whatever environment you are using. How to Play: Find a number of objects to be “grabbed”.  These […]

One Minute Please (Icebreaker)

The aim of this icebreaker is to talk for one minute on a given subject. Subjects can range from something as ridiculous as “Why chocolate is a vegetable” to topics as relevant as “10 Best Parts of a Conference”.  You can choose subjects based completely on your own needs and desired outcomes. How it is […]


Before the required listing of options for group icebreakers, let’s take some time to go through a few important pointers regarding how to use them well.  Know your group.  Icebreakers can be very effective for certain groups, and not very effective for others.  A group of adults isn’t going to enjoy certain icebreakers that a […]

Icebreaker- Beach Ball Tell All

This icebreaker is a great warm-up for groups that have had little or no interaction with each other.  It is low energy and allows members to have their own personal space and not have to do anything too crazy. How to play: 1. Before the group arrives, you’ll need to buy a beach ball and […]

Water Wars

Summer camp is hardly complete without some form of water entertainment.  Lakes, rivers, pools, waterslides, blobs, rafts, canoes, and kayaks are all part of the fun.  And water wars rank right up there at the top.  They are usually one of the most remembered pieces of camp, especially for younger campers, and are one of […]

The Dark Side of Teambuilding Activities

Teambuilding activities of every variety can be found in hundreds of locations on the internet.  Some of these activities really are very helpful, some aren’t useful at all, and others are somewhere in the middle.  The problem for camp staff isn’t in finding activities to do; the problem is discerning which activities are going to […]

Planning your next youth retreat

Originally published at Youth worker job descriptions include very little of the actual job requirements.  They leave out the endless meetings, one-on-ones, clean-up duty, parent interactions, and about a hundred other details that make up the youth worker’s job.  Job descriptions generally focus on weekly youth groups, staff meetings, a mission trip or two, […]