The best toys

Recently, wrote an article listing out the best toys of all time.  What they chose might surprise you; go here for the list. Their findings tell us a few things about entertainment and activities in the camping context. Flashy isn’t necessarily Fantastic.  As recruiting campers becomes a greater challenge, many campsites are hoping to […]

Children’s Books for Every Age

Camp is a new place and new experience for many campers.  While many children and teenagers have spent time away from home, many haven’t spent entire weeks away.  Even those who have spent extended time away from home sometimes experience stress at the incredibly unique environment that camp presents.  This problem can be enhanced by the […]

Toolbelts: What staff should always carry

Campsites are busy places with complex schedules; a staff member can go from administrative work in the office to digging holes for posts in a matter of minutes.  Because the camp lifestyle is so varied, it is important that staff members are always prepared for whatever task (or emergency) may come up during the day.  […]

Why Dodgeball Doesn’t Belong at Camp…

Dodgeball is a game found at camps, schools, and churches everywhere.  It is pulled out on rainy days, for large groups, and whenever programming staff can’t think of anything better.  It is a game that almost everyone knows how to play, so it is an easy and convenient option. But dodgeball has almost no redeeming […]