Clarifying your camp’s Purpose

Every campsite is unique.  Each camp has a special setting, specific resources, and individualized programming uniquely suited to their campsite.

This means that each camp should have a unique camp purpose.

But if you look at the mission statements, vision statements, and purpose statements for Christian campsites across the United States, you will see very little differentiation between campsites.  The basic camp purpose seen everywhere is the same: to introduce Jesus to some and help strengthen the spiritual walk of others.  Some places include a little more specific purpose of discipleship, or care for nature, etc.

And these are beautiful, necessary, and holy purposes.

But this same purpose can often be said of churches, youth groups, after-school clubs, Christian colleges, mission organizations … the list goes on.

And because these statements are generic, they do little to help you and your staff make important decisions on how your campsite will function and what will become priorities.  That is just one of many reasons your campsite needs to be careful to clarify a specific, unique purpose.

For example: Consider whether adventure is part of your purpose, or just happens on the side.  If adventure is a key piece of your campsite’s purpose, then significant resources should be used to promote that aspect of your work.  And people should connect your campsite easily to adventure.  Something relating to adventure should be prominent in your mission statement.  People should understand what role adventure plays and why it is significant.

Take some time with your staff to think carefully about your mission and camp purpose.  Clearly articulate it together. Then, consider whether changes need to be made to your mission statement or programming choices to align with your purpose.

Go here for tips on re-writing your mission statement.

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