Gear You Need for Winter Camping

Gear you need for successful cold weather camping: a list of the basics.

Camping anytime other than the middle of the summer can be a challenge, and one of the main difficulties is the potential temperature drops.  Even a late spring camping trip can be ruined because of cold weather.  To prevent this problem, several products have been developed to keep you warm while enjoying the great outdoors on a cold weather camping trip.  Once you know about these, you’ll want them all.  And you’ll be much more likely to be camping more months out of each year.

Products for winter camping:

cold weather camping

Mummy Bag:

The #1 most important part of having a great tenting experience in cold weather is having a great sleeping bag.  A mummy bag’s shape is perfect for keeping you as warm as possible.  Mummy bags come in tons of different price ranges and qualities.  Make sure you are choosing a bag based on your camping plans, and don’t skimp on cost here.  And pay attention to whether the bag is synthetic or goose down.  Goose down is warmer and lighter, but doesn’t retain heat well when wet.


Great products for cold weather campingLittle Buddy Heater:

First of all, there really isn’t a great option for using a heater in a tent overnight.  Unless you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a specialized heater, there is going to be the chance of fire.  This heater, though, has an automatic turn off if it tips over, and can sense oxygen depletion.  It also runs for over 5 hours on one can of propane.  So, even if you don’t want to run it overnight because of fire dangers, it is still a good option for warming up your tent before you head to bed.

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Ground Mat:

When the weather gets cold, tent camping can mean you never feel like you get warm.  Having a warm, toasty night’s sleep can help tremendously.  One of the main ways you lose heat in cold weather is from the cold of the ground.  It seeps into your sleeping bag, and can make you miserable.  A decent (okay, even a kinda crappy) ground mat or blanket can insulate you and your sleeping bag from the frozen ground.

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Re-usable Hand Warmers:

We all know about hand warmers and how useful they can be, but often we refuse to buy them because it feels like a waste.  They work for a few hours and then we have to throw them out.  And using warmer after warmer for an entire camping trip quickly adds up to a huge cost!  Fortunately, hand warmers have come out that can be re-used.  You activate them right when you need them, and then store them away when their heat runs out.  You reactivate them with boiling water.  Get yourself set up with a half dozen or so, and you will be warm your whole trip!

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Wool is another cold weather product we know about, but it’s heavy and itchy.  Smartwool is warmer, lighter, and comfier than regular wool.  Yes, it’s more expensive.  But SO worth it!

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Stanley coffee container:

This particular coffee container can keep your coffee hot for up to 32 hours.  That means you can make hot coffee before leaving for your tenting trip…and have hot coffee the next morning without making it!  Hot coffee while camping=happiness.  Be sure when choosing your coffee container that you are choosing a style and brand that will actually work.  Not the place to cheap out!

 What other winter camping supplies would you add to the list?

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