Creating Forms

As camp leaders, creating forms is a consistent responsibility.  Forms are required for basically everything.  You have order forms, evaluation forms, indemnity forms, interest forms, event planning forms, schedules; the list is never ending.  And these forms are usually different enough that new ones need to be created for each event or guest group.  Keeping up with the demand, and pulling out quality forms that are easy to use and understand, is a constant challenge.  Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Use a form creator.  Adobe FormsCentral is a great program that has a wide variety of templates and is really easy to maneuver (Adobe is not compensating me for saying that!).  If you don’t like Adobe, find your own program.  But a form creator, especially one with some great templates from which to begin, will cut down on work time dramatically.  Simply pull up the type of form you need to create, insert your relevant information, delete unnecessary pieces, and you’re done.  Many form creators also have easy ways to link your forms to the internet and mailing lists.  A form creator could be one of your best investments.
  2. Keep it basic.  The more detail you add, the more time involved.  And the more detailed a form, the less the chance that the form can be reused in another setting.  Resist the temptation to add multiple logos, pictures, unique backgrounds, and unnecessary information.  Your forms should look professional, do their job, and that’s it.
  3. Be consistent.  To cut down on the time it takes to create a new form, keep them as consistent as possible.  Have standard fonts, colors, and logo.  Have a list of standard phrases.  Encourage simplicity from anyone who  does the creating.
  4. Keep them accessible.  Save your forms in easy to find locations (this includes computer files).  Don’t allow them to become lost amidst hundreds of other files containing half-finished ‘to-do’ lists and game ideas.  Make certain everyone knows they are available for reuse or as templates, and that everyone knows where to find them.

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