Day Hike List: What you need to bring

Day hike list with basic supplies

Going on a day hike can be a ton of fun, and can also be a great introduction to hiking for people who aren’t quite sure they want to become hiking die-hards.  A day hike list, that has everything you might want or need, is an incredibly helpful tool for people who are new to hiking or for those who have extra supplies or responsibilities (like kids!).  These day hike lists are designed to be inclusive, so cross out what might not apply to you and keep the rest.  If someone new to hiking is going, give them a day hike list to relieve some of the stress of their new adventure.

Remember, what you will need for your hike can vary drastically based on your terrain, weather, and ability level.  These lists are simply guidelines; know your area and the needs of your group!

Day Hike List :

  1. Appropriate footwear.  If you are doing a light hike, plain old sneakers are probably fine.  Hiking boots might be necessary for some terrain, however, so be sure everyone knows what type of footwear they should have.
  2. Navigation tool; this could be a map of your trail, a compass, or your cell phone if it gets reception.
  3. Sunscreen and/or sunglasses.
  4. Appropriate clothing.  In warm weather, this can mean a t-shirt and shorts.  In cold weather, this can mean bringing along gloves and a hat.  Pack clothing for all day, including when the weather warms up or turns chilly.
  5. Headlamp or flashlight if your hike could go into nightfall (don’t take any chances!).
  6. First aid kit, including medications for you and your group.  Make sure your group members know who is responsible for this!
  7. Food for everyone (and extra in case).  Great options for day hikes include granola bars, dried fruit, nuts, and jerky.
  8. Water bottles.  You want extra water for everyone!
  9. Bugspray.  Depending on where you hike, this can be the difference between a fun day and torture.

Day Hike List Extras:

  1. Depending on how “intense” your hike is, you might want to include fire starters, a knife, and emergency shelter supplies in case you are stuck outside overnight.
  2. Water filtration system.  Once again if you get lost, having a Life Straw or something similar can be incredibly helpful to you.
  3. Camera.  You might want to capture memories.
  4. Toilet Paper.  Depending on your location, this might be helpful! If you are bringing TP, it might also be a good idea to bring hand sanitizer!

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