How to Talk About your Campsite

Camping is a unique enterprise, and it can be quite difficult to share with others what exactly your camp is about and why it is special.  But your ability to speak carefully and well about your job and your campsite has a great impact on your campsite’s well-being.  To help you accomplish this important task, here are a few basic insights.

Create your ‘elevator’ speech.

 You’ve probably heard this phrase mentioned dozens of times, and may have discarded this step as too rehearsed and staged for you and your organization.  This is often true, but the basic premise is still valuable.  An ‘elevator’ speech is simply the basic gist of your job and your campsite boiled down into the time it takes to ride a few floors on an elevator (about 20 seconds).  You may not have many opportunities to share in-depth with people, but you will have many chances to exchange a few sentences with a stranger.  Take advantage of these encounters.

Know your mission statement.

Most campsites have a mission statement, but not all that many use it with any frequency.  This is a disappointing reality.  Your mission statement is one of the simplest, quickest ways to let others know what you are all about.  Make sure it truly speaks to your camp’s essence, then share it often.  If you feel it is to ‘rehearsed’ to share in full, use smaller pieces of it.

Know what makes you unique.

People have a general understanding of what camping is about, so unless you only have a few seconds, don’t bore them with the basics they probably already know.  Think about what might be interesting to them, think about what sets you apart.  Are you working on a new construction project?  What about unusual programming?  Any crazy stories you can share?  These are the types of things other people want to know.

If you keep these three simple thoughts in mind, you should have no problem sharing thoughtful insights about your camp regardless of the setting.

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