One Minute Please (Icebreaker)

The aim of this icebreaker is to talk for one minute on a given subject.

Subjects can range from something as ridiculous as “Why chocolate is a vegetable” to topics as relevant as “10 Best Parts of a Conference”.  You can choose subjects based completely on your own needs and desired outcomes.

How it is played:

1)You announce the topic and a member of the group is randomly selected to speak for one minute. You can draw names, have everyone draw a number, or whatever else works for you.

2) If your group is sitting in a circle, you can allow this person to remain seated.  If necessary, have him/her stand at the front of the room.

3) The randomly selected person must draw a topic and speak for one minute, or as long as they can last.  Time them if you want to make it competitive and you can even offer prizes for those who last the full minute.

4)  Continue selecting new people until everyone has had a chance to talk.


Situations where this icebreaker might be a bad idea:

  • If you have a quiet group, especially if you know someone doesn’t like public speaking.  You don’t want any of your group members to have a negative experience from the start.
  • If your group won’t be doing much discussion later.  This icebreaker is designed to make people feel like they can talk to each other; if your group is more activity based, other icebreakers will serve you better.

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