Before the required listing of options for group icebreakers, let’s take some time to go through a few important pointers regarding how to use them well.

  •  Know your group.  Icebreakers can be very effective for certain groups, and not very effective for others.  A group of adults isn’t going to enjoy certain icebreakers that a junior high group will like.  A group that knows each other a little bit will want different openers than a group where no one has ever interacted before.  Be careful to remember the 3 Needs everyone will have and plan your icebreakers accordingly.
  •  Know your time.  Icebreakers belong at the beginning of a session, and shouldn’t take up very much time.  They are designed to help people feel comfortable so they can better engage in learning.  If you take half of your time to do an icebreaker, not much time is left for the main content.  Conversely, if your group spends only 5 minutes doing icebreakers before a 3 day retreat, your group isn’t going to be as comfortable with each other as they should be.
  •  Know your secondary purpose.  The main purpose of icebreakers should always be to make people a little more comfortable with each other.  The secondary purpose changes based on the group and your reason for being together.  Sometimes the secondary purpose is to encourage people to feel comfortable sharing with each other, sometimes it is to make people more comfortable with close proximity.  It changes.  Know what you are aiming for and plan activities based on that.

Now for the ICEBREAKERS:

  1. Mad Grab: A less physical, more intellectual icebreaker.  Good for groups who will need to be planning or learning together long-term.
  2. I Have Never:  This may be done everywhere, but for good reason.  It is high energy and engaging.  It is a good possibility for most groups.
  3. One Minute Please:  This game is great for groups that will need to be brainstorming together or otherwise sharing their ideas and insights.
  4. Beach Ball Tell All:  Simple, but effective icebreaker that is fairly low energy.  It is especially good for groups that have had no interaction and adult groups.

*Note: Only the very best in icebreakers have been included.  As more are discovered, they will be added.  If you are looking for a larger list of generic icebreakers, send a specific request and we will do what we can to help you.

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