Instagram for Camps and Small Businesses

If you don’t know it yet, Instagram is the up-and-coming social media to use for brands and businesses.  Instagram used to be a space reserved for interacting with close friends and family, but that is quickly changing.  More and more businesses and brands are looking to harness the visual power of Instagram and are seeing great success in the process.

The biggest tip I have for using Instagram well for camps and small businesses:

Instagram users are looking for beautiful photos!

That really is the main factor concerning whether you will do well on Instagram.  You could post 20 times a day and have less success than someone putting up one gorgeous photo every couple of days.  People want beautiful.  They’d rather see a stunning sunset than a cheesy picture of a teenager smiling for the camera.  They’d rather see a photo of well plated food than the delivery truck stopping with new supplies.

Instagram doesn’t actually really care about the story behind the picture.  Many users won’t even read the captions attached to your photos.  So if you need a caption for someone to find the photo compelling, it probably doesn’t belong.  Instagram is simply looking for beauty.

Instagram wants beautiful photos!

Once again; it doesn’t matter on Instagram how powerful the story behind the photo is.  It really doesn’t.  If the story is what makes the photo, the photo belongs on Facebook.  Not Instagram.  To get a better idea of what photos might work well, look through your Instagram feed and see which photos you naturally like and want to comment on or like.  Think about what they have in common and try to incorporate that into your future photos.

Lastly, Instagram will reach the most people if you use hashtags well.  Be sure to include relevant hashtags.  If you don’t have a hashtag for your business yet, consider creating one and using it often.  That way, you can tell customers and parents to look up the hashtag to find all the photos you’ve recently posted.  This makes it really easy for people to connect with and follow what you’re doing.

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