Mad Grab (Icebreaker)

This Mad Grab icebreaker is particularly useful to begin the process of getting to know what people think of themselves.  It is also good because there is no prep required and all materials can simply be found in whatever environment you are using.

How to Play:

  1. Find a number of objects to be “grabbed”.  These can be anything, though certain objects are more entertaining than others.  If you have time, consider going to the grocery store and getting a variety of fruit or veggies.  If you are outdoors, pick up rocks and twigs and various leaves.   Just make sure you have more objects than you do people.
  2. Get your group in a circle around the objects.
  3. Explain that everyone will grab for an object at the same time and then they must explain what it is about that object that describes them.  For example:  Someone grabs a banana.  That person could say they are tall and thin like a banana.  That person could say they seem firm, but become a big softie over time.  That person could say they live best in warm weather.  Etc. Etc. Etc.
  4. Once everyone understands the expectation, yell “MAD GRAB” and have everyone grab for their object.
  5. Go around the circle having everyone describe themselves with their object.

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