A Merry Staff Christmas

Christmas is a great time to work at a campsite, especially campsites that are lucky enough to enjoy the snow.  Camps do a great job of allowing staff plenty of time off to be with their families over the holidays, and the laid-back vibe of many campsites helps people to get in the Christmas spirit.

Some camps do a great job of having plenty of activities that unite the staff during the holidays.  Some have crazy decorations and music and goodies and the entire staff goes pretty much gaga for Christmas.  Other campsites can struggle to figure out the best ways to make the holidays a special time for the staff who work through the winter.

If you are in the latter group, here are just a few ideas to consider as you strive to build staff morale during the holiday season.

  1. An Advent Calendar.  Not all camps are religious, but for those that are, an advent calendar can be a great buildup to the holiday.  Each day of advent, have one present to open.  It can be for an individual, something to be shared by the group, or a gag gift.  It can also be an opportunity to have a daily factoid about Christmas’s past, or the history of your camp, etc.
  2. Party AFTER New Year’s.  Everyone is busy during the holiday time period, and a staff Christmas party is often an afterthought or a stressor.  Consider having your staff festivities a week or two after everyone gets back from Christmas.
  3. Decorating morning.  Yes, you are busy.  You have many more important things to do than decorate the office.  But if you get everyone together shortly after Thanksgiving and take just a few hours to decorate, drink hot cocoa, and listen to Christmas music, everyone will benefit.  Sometimes it is worth the loss of work time to build staff morale.
  4. Play day.  Especially for those camps in snowy regions, a staff play day (or afternoon, or hour) is a great chance to remind staff of one of the many reasons working at a campsite can be so amazing.  Make snow men, go sledding, have a snowball fight.  If your staff is unable to be outside, consider playing board games.


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