Five Tips to Increase Camp Signups – Without Spending Any Money

By Peggy Chang of Activity Hero Science classes and art lessons and soccer camps, oh my! Activity providers across the country are essential for providing enriching programs for the over 11 million Americans that attend camps and the 8.4 million … [Continue reading]

5 Tips to Time Management

Everyone in non-profit ministry work understands the importance of using time well.  We have dozens of daily responsibilities and hundreds of tasks to accomplish during the course of each week.  We try to prioritize and save the less important tasks … [Continue reading]

Faithfulness is enough for Today

As camp leaders, we are in the constant process of improving our capabilities and growing our skills.  We read magazines like this one and scour online articles hunting for more information that might help us to better organize our campsites and … [Continue reading]

Defending our Time

Good, clear, healthy boundaries are absolutely essential for the mental health of everyone working and living in ministry. One of the most important boundaries to set up, and the hardest to keep in place, is the boundary around our time. This … [Continue reading]

Recharging our batteries | Rest

As non-profit staff members, we work in situations where our jobs often directly affect people in powerful ways.  We are in charge of children, adults with special needs, struggling moms and parents, confused teens, and a whole host of other people … [Continue reading]

Technology at Camp | How to interact, or not

The age-old debate over whether to allow campers and staff the use of various forms of technology at camp still hasn't be settled.  Camps still go back and forth about what to do, and both "sides" of this issue have very good reasons for the choice … [Continue reading]

Updated: Registration Software

The previous Registration Software post was very popular, and resulted in some additional great options being sent my way.  So I've updated the previous article to include these additions.  Hopefully, you will find an option that suits your needs.  … [Continue reading]

Instagram for Camps and Small Businesses

If you don't know it yet, Instagram is the up-and-coming social media to use for brands and businesses.  Instagram used to be a space reserved for interacting with close friends and family, but that is quickly changing.  More and more businesses and … [Continue reading]

Facebook for Camps and Small Businesses

Using Facebook as a way to advertise your camp or small business is becoming more and more difficult as Facebook continues to change their algorithm, making it harder for people to see the content you post.  Just because someone liked your page … [Continue reading]

Twitter for Camps and Small Businesses

Twitter is a foreign concept to a lot of smaller businesses.  Many people have misconceptions about what Twitter is used for, and think Twitter is simply a space to tell people what sandwich you ate for lunch.  If that's how Twitter was used, it … [Continue reading]