Planning your Fundraiser

Fundraisers are littered with details.  And you can find information on most of those details in other areas of the Event Planning tab.  Information is available on timetables, advertising, organization, and more.  This article serves a different purpose.

The focus of this article is the purpose of fundraisers.

Most people decide to put together a fundraiser to raise money.  And they will likely raise some, but that is only a secondary outcome of fundraisers.

But for organizations as large and complex as camps, fundraisers generally bring in only a tiny percentage of the overall yearly revenue.  Occasionally a campsite will plan a large scale capital campaign, which might turn out larger numbers, but consider this general rule:  fundraisers are NOT about raising funds.

Once we recognize money should not be the main focus, we are able to concentrate on the real purpose of fundraisers.

That purpose can be different depending on your campsite, but all fundraising purposes will fall into three main categories:

  1. Community Awareness
  2. Cultivating new Clients
  3. Seeking new Donors

Fortunately, these three categories bleed into each other quite easily.  Good fundraisers find ways to engage all three of these categories at once.  The BEST fundraisers are able to do it without anyone really noticing what’s going on.

Next time you begin the process of planning your fundraiser, keep your real purpose in mind and you will have a much greater chance at success.

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