Productivity: Hours

Knowing how to use work hours well is probably the most important part of increasing productivity.  And along with that is understanding that all hours are not the same.  What does that mean?  Here are a few facts to illustrate this point:

People are most able to focus and learn new things from 9am-12pm.

The least productive hours of the day are 1pm-5pm.

Your brain can only focus well on a task for about 30 minutes.

After a few hours of work, your brain operates more slowly.

Carefully crafting your work hours to take each of these facts into consideration will transform your work process.  Hopefully, this knowledge will encourage all of us to take on the more challenging tasks in the morning and save the ‘brainless’ activities for the afternoon.  It should also encourage us to take frequent, short breaks so that our brain can have a chance to breathe.

Productive hours can also vary from person to person.  Some people are morning people, others aren’t fully awake until a little later in the day.  Take some time to consider your own personal rhythms.  In most cases, getting in only 5 or 6 productive hours of work each day can help you accomplish more than in an 8 or 9 hour day if you are using that time carefully.

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