Productivity: Nutrition

Let’s be honest; campsites are generally not known for their healthy food.  And, for the most part, that’s probably okay; your campers are not eating your food as part of a regular diet.  But for the long term, nutrition is of incredible importance to staff productivity.

Nutrition directly affects stamina, energy, clarity, and focus.

If your staff is not eating well, you will see a negative impact.  In big ways.  But how can you encourage better nutrition on your campsite?  Here are just a few tips that have worked for some places:

  • Be part of a wellness competition as a staff.
  • Keep your staff lounge stocked with fruit, veggies, and good-for-you beverages.
  • Get rid of the candy dish.
  • Have staff take turns bringing a snack into the office, and require it be a “better-for-you” version.
  • If you share meals as a staff, try making healthier meals or going to healthier places.
  • Have a weekly nutrition fact posted, and make it as fun as possible.
  • Avoid eating camp meals, unless of course your camp is joining the health craze.
  • Have occasional potlucks instead of going to fast food.
  • Have your staff kitchen stocked with all the tools and equipment to make ‘real’ meals.

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  1. So true – we have walked that path, and now require the interns to “learn” to cook. We also try and get regular exercise during off programming times. It really helps if it being driven by a leader.

    • The Camp Whisperer says:

      You are doing a tremendous job with that! Tessa told me a little, but it sounds like you’ve even gone further in nutrition expectations. It’s so exciting to hear how for the program has come!

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