Productivity: Stress

Stress can reduce productivity and is also incredibly harmful to your health.   The best way to limit stress is to get rid of stressors; that is pretty much impossible in a camp setting.  Last minute problems come up, emergencies happen, and you need to be available pretty much every moment of the day.  Since we can’t get rid of the stressors, we need to think of some ways to reduce their impact on our mental health.  Here are just a few:

  •  Leave for work 10 minutes earlier than necessary.  This way, you won’t worry about being late; if you get there early, you can take a few minutes to accomplish a few extra tasks.
  • Don’t look at e-mail until after lunch.  E-mails take over your entire day if you let them.  Give yourself permission to wait for that stress until afternoon.
  • Take a 5-10 minute break at least every hour.  Not only will this lower stress, it will also increase your ability to concentrate when you are working.
  • Drink water.  Proper hydration will make you feel better all day long.
  • Go for lunch.  Do not eat lunch at your desk or on the run, unless absolutely necessary.  The break will do you good, and sitting down for a meal will also help you digest better.
  • Work task-by-task.  Take 45 minutes and focus on just one thing.  Then take a break and move on to the next.  Multi-tasking is a useful skill, but use it only when needed.  It adds stress and lowers your ability to do any one task exceptionally.
  • Plan ahead.  Procrastination is stressful.  Try to finish as many things as you can as early as you can.  This way those unfinished tasks aren’t rolling around in your mind all the time.
  • Exercise.  Exercise is clinically proven to lower stress and improve overall health.  Even 5 minutes of exercise can positively affect your mood and lower stress.
  • Take a deep breath.  Deep breathing provides extra oxygen to your blood supply, which positively influences health and mood.  Every time you stop for a break, take a few deep breaths.  Every time you start to feel overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths.
  • Use a planner.  Having to keep your responsibilities in your mind is stressful; write them down so you don’t have to stress over them any more.  Put all of your to-do’s on paper and then let your mind forget them.


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