Rainy Day Game Ideas

Rainy days at camp, especially during the summer, are dreaded by most campers.  Campers come to camp with the expectation of long days spent swimming, climbing, and playing large group games late into the night.  When storm clouds roll in threatening rain, campers believe their day is ruined.  But with appropriate planning and thoughtful preparation, rainy days at camp can easily be just as exciting and fun-filled as sunny days.  Actually, you could even get to the point where your campers look forward to rainy day games because of how special and unique they are.

One reason campers hate rainy days is because rain limits their options.

They aren’t able to go outside, so the only thing left are usually common games and activities that have already been played.  Counselors and program staff scramble to find ways to fill the time, and campers are smart.  They know that the activities they are playing have been thrown together and aren’t considered the cream-of-the-crop.

To remedy that, have a few activities planned for the summer that are only allowed to be used on rainy days.  This will automatically elevate rainy days to a space of honor.  When campers realize that staff have been waiting in expectation for the opportunity to use these activities, they will be excited and eager to be involved in the day.

Some examples of rainy day games that could work well:

  • Board game tournaments.  Have them be complete, complex, and offer prizes at the end.  Also have snacks and cocoa, etc. available.  Remember, the more hype you give it and effort you put in, the more likely the campers will believe the day is exceptional.
  • Talent Shows or Skits.  Many camps have talent shows for every week, but consider reserving talent shows for rainy days.  Allow campers time to work together on their skits and talents.  While campers prepare, have staff set up the  talent show.
  • Nerf or laser tag tournaments (or something similar).  These are games campers look forward to regardless of the weather; why not reserve them for rain as a way to make rainy days even better!  This may even be a situation where the ban on dodgeball could be lifted.

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