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Finding appropriate registration software for your campsite can be a tremendous challenge.  We are either bombarded with options, or hunting endlessly for even one that fits our needs.  Some of us are new to outside data hosting and don’t even know where to begin.  But we all know how useful this software is, and how much time and money it can save in the long run.  We understand the efficiency a united network can provide, and we know it is definitely worth our time to seek out the best software for our own purposes.

One of the most difficult parts is simply finding which registration software is even designed with YOUR campsite in mind.  Every camp is unique, and requires unique data management  capabilities.

Because of this problem, this article will include a brief list of some of the more common registration software companies used within the camping industry.  A brief summary of the product, and a brief review, will also be included.  The information given is by no means complete, but hopefully it will give you a good starting place when seeking the best program for your camp.

CircuiTree Solutions:  We’re starting with this software group because they had the overall best customer service, which is definitely one of the most important pieces of any database software.   They are also a software company that is a little less known, but provide some pretty remarkable services.

CircuiTree strives to be the most comprehensive and reliable camp management system on the market, and does a pretty good job staying at or near the top.  They have solutions for online and internal registration, merchandise sales (online and on campus), lodging and facility rental, conference centers, donations, medical/incident tracking, accounting, and many more options (though you can use as many or as few of these options as you would like). CT integrates overnight camps, day camps, family camps, conferences, and donor information in one place.  With CircuiTree, it’s easy to track interactions with attendees, families, and donors, as well as see the history they have with your organization.   Their comprehensive options are also web-based, so you can access your information from anywhere.

Visit them online at

Campminder: This software management tool appears to be one of the most popular, and has provided the most positive feedback across the industry.  They also have great customer service, and a very strong social media presence.  Their diverse offerings include web-based functions , healthcare, communication, alumni, registration, scheduling, and online forms.  Campminder’s greatest strength lies in the fact that they strive to be more than a software company.  They seek to incorporate all the data needs of campsites, and operate as a business methodology.  They really do work with campsites to streamline processes and reach maximum efficiency.  Campminder is generally a bit too expensive for really small campsites to justify, but is especially helpful for multi-site camping organizations.

Visit them online at

Camp Brain: Camp Brain is another name that consistently comes up as a great software tool in the camping industry.  They very recently rolled out their newest version, which utilizes web-based software so you can access your system from anywhere.  This software is one of the easiest to understand, maneuver, and operate.  They offer three separate software functions–camp software, conference software, and donor software– as well as online forms.  They have a few less offerings than CircuiTree Solutions or Camp Minder, but still have great customer service and are a good option for mid-sized campsites.

Visit them online at

Bunk 1: This software tool is primarily focused on registration, so is a good option if you are looking for something more basic.  They offer online registration, camper scheduling, and inventory management for your camp store.  They also have integrated social media offerings, which can be invaluable during the summer.

Visit them online at

Campwise: This management is a bit of a mystery.  According to their website they offer a fairly comprehensive list of services, including online payments, staff applications, registration, donor information, consolidated mailing lists, and much more.  They do not, however, have a strong social media presence and very little conversation/feedback is available regarding their services.  Based on the limited information and interaction, this software company doesn’t make the top of the list as far as software options, but is still a company to consider if you are looking for a new management model.

Visit them online at

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  1. Alexa Reed says:

    Another good camp registration software provider is Camp Network ( They are the least expensive option but still offer the same benefits: website design, customizable forms, a highly accessible dashboard. They are by far my favorite option.

  2. Hello Lanet. We just found your article and want to introduce a la Reg as a very simple tool for collecting camp registration data. a la Reg is a web based tool, easy to use and inexpensive.

    This will not be the solution for all – the capabilities are much simpler than many of the services listed above but would work very well for collecting Job Applications or camp registrations that do not require logic in the questions. Hosts can offer drop downs with limits and unlimited questions. Social media tie ins appear in the form if desired.

    We simply allow a camp host to create a custom form, collect payments directly into their or paypal accounts, and control the messaging to their registrants. We’re happy to work one on one to help a camp get started. Happy to talk further and learn from you.
    Rose, Founder (

  3. Great list, Lanet. Well done.

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