Sheet Drop | Name Game

Sheet drop is a name game icebreaker that is great for learning names. All you need for this game is a sheet and at least 8-10 people (though it works for much larger groups).

  1. Split the group in half. Have these two groups separate a little bit and take a seat either on chairs or the floor/ground. They are now two separate teams. (You want to separate the group so that there’s a mix of people who know each other and those who don’t, if possible).
  2. Have two people (preferably staff members and not group members) hold the sheet up between the two groups. The groups should be close enough to the sheet that the other group cannot see the group members.
  3. Groups elect (quietly) one person to go and hide directly behind the sheet.
  4. The sheet is dropped.
  5. Team members on either side must call out the other person’s name.
  6. First person correct earns a point for their team.
  7. Play continues until everyone has gone, or time is up.

Name games are a perfect way to start out your time with a small group, whether they know each other or not. If they don’t know each other, it gives them a chance to learn some names. Even if they do know each other, it gives YOU a chance to learn some names.

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