Creating Posters that Pop

Posters are one of the most basic types of advertisement and do a good job of creating general awareness.  Though you will want more individualized campaigns further down the advertising funnel, posters are a key part to most plans.  A well done poster will engage your audience and encourage positive opinions of you and your […]


Meeting Planning Checklist Planning to run a meeting can be very simple; all you need is a something to remind yourself what to do.  This outline will help you plan consistently great meetings that accomplish your goals and finish on time. Advertising Checklist This worksheet is a simple to-do list to help make sure you […]


Great Fundraiser Worksheet Ask yourself these few simple questions to decide whether your fundraiser options are going to help make your campsite a success.  This worksheet is great to give out to people during the brainstorming process and encourages staff to think critically regarding fundraising possibilities. Advertising worksheet Be sure to utilize the advertising funnel […]