The best toys

Recently, wrote an article listing out the best toys of all time.  What they chose might surprise you; go here for the list. Their findings tell us a few things about entertainment and activities in the camping context. Flashy isn’t necessarily Fantastic.  As recruiting campers becomes a greater challenge, many campsites are hoping to […]

Rainy Day Game Ideas

Rainy days at camp, especially during the summer, are dreaded by most campers.  Campers come to camp with the expectation of long days spent swimming, climbing, and playing large group games late into the night.  When storm clouds roll in threatening rain, campers believe their day is ruined.  But with appropriate planning and thoughtful preparation, […]

Teambuilding Games: How to Choose

The camping world is filled to the brim with options for teambuilding games.  There are indoor activities, outdoor games, tabletop exercises, and training sessions.  They run the gamut from high intensity games that require close proximity and trust to casual discussion sessions where participants barely know each other’s names.  Some of the choices out there […]