Hospitality 310: Small Details

Good hospitality is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to maximize your campsite’s potential and keep it running at a profit (or at least not at a deficit). Hospitality is first and foremost about making people feel valued (read The 3 Needs for more information on what that’s so important).  After your camp has […]

Hospitality 201: Being Available

One of the key aspects of great hospitality is being available and accessible to your guests when they have questions, problems, or needs.  Your guests are in a new environment, which is inherently a little less comfortable, and are quite unlikely to come seeking you out if they have needs (especially if they are smaller […]

Hospitality 102: The Friendly Greeting

Hospitality is vital to anyone in Christian camping, and it is one of the most valuable resources every camp staff member has available to them.  The basics of hospitality are simple, but getting into the details of how hospitality should look on your campsite becomes progressively more difficult. One of the first steps in the […]

Hospitality Basics | Hospitality 101

Hospitality is one of very few gifts camp professionals can offer guests and volunteers without any monetary cost.  Though some preferred methods of hospitality may cost a little, hospitality is essentially a limitless resource.  Using hospitality to its greatest extent requires a good knowledge of what hospitality is, why it is important, and how it […]