How to Talk About your Campsite

Camping is a unique enterprise, and it can be quite difficult to share with others what exactly your camp is about and why it is special.  But your ability to speak carefully and well about your job and your campsite has a great impact on your campsite’s well-being.  To help you accomplish this important task, […]

Using Your Mission Statement

Generally, when the topic of mission statements come up, the focus is on how to write them.  Articles and workshops are everywhere answering that question.  There’s even an earlier article on this website addressing particulars of that.  But a more significant question, and the one campsites should be asking is: What do we do with […]

How to: Write your Mission Statement

Writing a mission statement is about articulating your purpose well (look at the article Clarifying Your  Camp’s Purpose).  Mission statements are generally created by a group around a conference table, so here are some tips for making that experience a better one and getting to a statement that is right for your organization. Tips: Start […]