Technology at Camp | How to interact, or not

The age-old debate over whether to allow campers and staff the use of various forms of technology at camp still hasn’t be settled.  Camps still go back and forth about what to do, and both “sides” of this issue have very good reasons for the choice they eventually make.  I’m not going to get into […]

Water Wars

Summer camp is hardly complete without some form of water entertainment.  Lakes, rivers, pools, waterslides, blobs, rafts, canoes, and kayaks are all part of the fun.  And water wars rank right up there at the top.  They are usually one of the most remembered pieces of camp, especially for younger campers, and are one of […]

How to Deal with Homesickness

This is a problem every campsite has to deal with; even day camps can be required to deal wit homesickness in some form.  Campers are excited and eager to get some independence and take part in all the adventures camps can provide.  During times of high energy campers do fine, but when nighttime or more […]