Teambuilding Games: How to Choose

The camping world is filled to the brim with options for teambuilding games.  There are indoor activities, outdoor games, tabletop exercises, and training sessions.  They run the gamut from high intensity games that require close proximity and trust to casual discussion sessions where participants barely know each other’s names.  Some of the choices out there are really not great in any situation, but most of them can be very helpful in the right circumstances.

But how do you decide which activity is right for you?

 Consider your goal.

What are you hoping the game or activity will accomplish?  It is unreasonable to expect one teambuilding activity to develop a perfect team, so what is the smaller goal?  Are you hoping to make people comfortable with each other?  Are you moving to the next level and trying to build trust?  Or are you just hoping to get a feel for how the group interacts together?  Figure out what exactly you want to accomplish before you look for the right teambuilding game.

Consider your group.

Think about the people you are trying to bring together and how comfortable they already are.  Are you working with an older group, or maybe mixed ages?  Is this group already used to working closely together, or are they just beginning to become friends?  It would be a poor choice to lead an activity requiring close physical proximity if you are working with people who haven’t worked together yet.  It would be an equally poor decision to take your team through a high ropes course in the woods if you have team members who are severely afraid of heights or bugs.

Remember the 3 Needs.

Every person you work with is going to be looking for the same three basic needs; safety, value, and enjoyment.  Make sure you keep these needs in mind when choosing your teambuilding activities.  Safety for participants means thinking about both physical and mental safety.  Value in this situation requires that participants feel they are making contributions to the group.  And enjoyment is simple; participants want their teambuilding to be fun.  For more information on the 3 Needs, read the article Why Are My Volunteers Leaving?.

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