The Beauty of FIFO

Anyone working in food service knows what FIFO stands for:

First In

First Out

The process is quite simple; the foods that are brought into the kitchen first need to be moved into the front and newer products are placed in the back.  This ensures that food is always as fresh as possible and resources are not wasted.

Generally, the FIFO system remains in the kitchen.  But some especially intuitive campsites are able to take the FIFO principles and use them in other settings.  By using FIFO principles throughout the campsite, these places are able to better use resources across the board, leaving money for other things.  So what are some places where FIFO could be implemented?

The Office: A FIFO policy will help with overall organization, and will prevent over-ordering.  Consider a FIFO policy for e-mail, registrations, bills, office supplies, and paperwork.  This will help ensure that tasks are not overlooked.

Programming Supplies:  Campsites are often overrun with random supplies that are never used.  Often times, camps don’t even know they have the supplies and buy new ones.  Implementing a policy that requires old supplies to be used or discarded before buying new will save money, time, and energy.

Maintenance: Prevent dried out paint, endless hardware, and dozens of quarts of oil.  This area may be more difficult than the others, as maintenance areas tend to be the most chaotic of any on camp, but try it on a small scale to begin with.

As FIFO becomes more common in your campsite, you will have more time, energy, and money to use in other areas.

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