The Power of Paint

Paint never gets the kind of attention it deserves.

  1. Paint is cheap.
  2. Paint is easy.
  3. Paint can hide a ton of problems.
  4. Paint can make anything look fresh and new.
  5. Painting can be done by anyone.

The five main reasons that paint should be given a place of honor at every campsite.  More reasons exist, but these five are enough for you to grasp the importance of this underutilized tool of the camping world.

Campsites are constantly undergoing maintenance and rebuilding.  Older campsites have particularly great maintenance needs, and many campsites are adding conference venues to their traditional summer spaces in hopes of bringing in year-round campers.  Campsites are constantly in need of improvements, and generally camps need to choose only a couple projects at a time in order to keep within their limited budgets.  So many campsites look a little weathered most of the time.

Paint should be your go-to.

Many home improvement places will offer you a discount on paint, or even give it to you free.  Painting is an easy task to give any volunteer group or individual, and there is paint for practically anything.  You can paint furniture, couches, grills, windows, concrete, chairs; you name it, you can probably paint it.  Paint may not solve every aesthetic problem, but it works often enough that it should always be the very first thought.

“Could a coat of paint make this look better?”

Consider white-washing your inside cabin walls, or painting the fence around the waterfront a teal or yellow.  How much nicer would your dining hall look with repainted chairs or benches?  Could your canteen be more appealing with a new coat of a vibrant color?  Maybe you could find a use for chalkboard or whiteboard paint (yes, they do exist), or transform your giant grill into an exciting place to be with red heat-proof paint.

Whether you use paint in small or big ways, remember that it can be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to freshen up your campsite and get it ready for the next season.

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