Twitter for Camps and Small Businesses

Twitter is a foreign concept to a lot of smaller businesses.  Many people have misconceptions about what Twitter is used for, and think Twitter is simply a space to tell people what sandwich you ate for lunch.  If that’s how Twitter was used, it wouldn’t be something to consider.  But the truth is, Twitter can be a very useful space to build your brand and interact with others in your niche market.  A few basics of Twitter to know:

  • Twitter is fast-paced.  If you post an update of some kind, expect it to buried within minutes or even seconds.  People won’t usually see it unless you’ve included good hashtags and Tweet people directly.
  • Twitter is for short snippets.  You get 140 characters, but want to use less when possible.
  • Twitter is not a place to try to drive people to your website or Facebook page.  It’s a place to interact with others, briefly.
  • Twitter is for interacting with brands and other businesses.  Not really your customers all that much.  That might happen, but don’t expect it.

With those few basics in mind, here are some tips for getting the most out of Twitter for your brand:

  1. Make sure your Tweets are shareable.  Ideally, you want your updates to be favorited and retweeted by people, so that more people see them and you raise brand awareness.  A tweet saying “new stock of mugs is in, come stop by!” isn’t shareable.  But a Tweet with a photo of adorable mugs that says “Nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning!” is something that people can feel good about resharing with their own friends and followers.
  2. Use hashtags well.  Your updates will get buried quickly, so be aware of ways you can put your updates before Twitter uses in another way.  Hashtags are a way to do that.  If you use the #summercamp, people who search for #summercamp on Twitter will see your updates and possibly follow you.
  3. Tweet specific people.  Once again, updates are buried.  But if you include a specific person or brand’s “@” in your tweet, they will be notified about what you said and be reminded to retweet or favorite.  This quickly expands your reach, and the more you interact with others in positive ways the better your entire Twitter presence will be.
  4. If you’re on Twitter, be active.  This doesn’t mean you need to Tweet 10 times a day, but you don’t want to go weeks without sending out an update and interacting with at least a few people.  If you can’t keep it up, get rid of it.  Focus your energy well somewhere else.  You are better off doing one social media platform well than 4 or 5 poorly.

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