Water Wars

Summer camp is hardly complete without some form of water entertainment.  Lakes, rivers, pools, waterslides, blobs, rafts, canoes, and kayaks are all part of the fun.  And water wars rank right up there at the top.  They are usually one of the most remembered pieces of camp, especially for younger campers, and are one of the easiest activities for campsites to pull off.

We all know the basics of how they work; kids get water and find ways to get each other soaked.  This happens in various forms, and to varying degrees.  The best water fights include dumping water on counselors and staff or some kind of competition.  To help you liven up your water fights, or just to give you some new thoughts on what might be worth trying, here are some ideas:

1) Skip the balloons.  They are a mess to clean up, and incredibly time consuming to fill.  And considering the dozens of other options, they just aren’t worth the trouble.  Use water guns or hoses.  Fill garbage cans with water and give campers their own cups.  Use sponges.  Have sprinklers.  None of these options require extensive prep time, and they also don’t require you to walk around picking up tiny pieces of plastic all afternoon, either.

2)  Use competition.  Give every camper an Alka-Seltzer necklace; once it’s gone, their out of the game.  Or have cabins compete against each other; the last cabin with a completely dry camper is the winner.  Maybe have a giant tub that needs to be filled and tell campers to try and prevent other teams from getting theirs filled.  Competition simply makes it more exciting.

3) Don’t write them into the schedule.  Water fights should always happen on the days when the heat is the worst.  If that happens to be day 1, that’s when the water fight should be done.  Afterwards, make sure all the campers get plenty of water.

4) Confine the space.  Set boundaries for the fight that are fairly small; you want everything to be a bit chaotic.  And since the fight will be happening when it is hottest, you don’t want campers to over-exert themselves by running all over the place.  Give people just enough space that they aren’t on top of each other.

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