Website Design

In today’s culture, your campsite’s website is one of your greatest advertising tools.  Your website is the first place potential campers will go to form opinions about you.  A well designed website can be transformative for your campsite; a poorly designed website can destroy you.  This dichotomy may seem a bit extreme, but consider your own habits in information gathering.  How do you form your opinions on organizations and companies you don’t have the opportunity to visit?  Where do you go for information?

Their website.

It would be convenient and helpful to have a how-to-build-a-website article, but that just isn’t practical.  Websites are complicated to create, and have hundreds of details to work out in setting them up.  Which is probably one of the reasons so many campsites have done so little to improve their websites.  But once the website is created, keeping it up and looking good is not nearly as much work.

It is really quite simple.

One of the best investments your campsite can make is to hire someone to do website design for your camp.  Larger camps have the ability the budget for this, smaller camps sometimes struggle.  To help make the cost manageable, seek out local opportunities.  Are there high school or college classes in web design that might be able to help you out?  Is there someone local who does small-scale websites?  Is there a local IT person who can give you tips on where to look?

Don’t be afraid to ask.

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