Winter Snow Fun

Finding summer games on the internet is easy; they’re everywhere.  The hardest part of summer game planning is choosing from the thousands of options.  Winter game planning is much more challenging.  Very few games to play in the snow exist, and those that do are not well advertised or known among a variety of campsites.  This article is an attempt to collect some of the best winter snow games and put them in one place.  As more games are found, or sent to , more games will be added to this collection.

Best Winter Snow Games:

  1. Snowball fights.  We are all familiar with this activity, but surprisingly few campsites have organized times to build forts and take part in snowball fights.  All sorts of possibilities exist with this simple activity, and snowball fights could quickly and easily become a winter highlight for your campers.  How do you make it unique?  Assign teams.  Have prizes for best fort, or most interesting fort, etc.  Have campers vs. staff.  Provide design ideas.  Serve hot cocoa outside, maybe even inside their forts.  The options are endless.  Be creative; campers will remember it.
  2. Snow Graffiti.  This activity simply requires water bottles tinted with various colors of food coloring.  Using a mixture of spray bottles and ketchup bottles will provide a variety of options for drawing.  Divide the campers into teams based on how much space, time, and equipment you have.  Because food coloring can stain, be careful to make sure campers know they could damage their clothing, or provide gloves, etc.
  3. Traditional Games.  Traditional games can be played outdoors in much the same way as giant games.  Create a tic-tac-toe board in the snow using sticks and pebbles as pieces.  Make a chessboard with food coloring in spray bottles.  Giant pick-up sticks is even easier in the snow.  Once again, be creative.  You’ll be amazed at how many games become unique and exciting simply by being put in the snow.
  4. Snow Creatures.  Another simple activity.  Instead of having campers go outside to build snowmen, make a competition out of it.  Ask campers to create the best snow creatures they can.  Have prizes for biggest, most unique, most detailed, most popular, etc.  Take pictures of all the creatures and maybe hang the best one somewhere prominent at your camp.
  5. Snow volleyball.  Other sports can work well in the snow, too, but snow volleyball is especially fun and exciting for campers.  As the game gets going, campers will warm up quickly and shed layers.  Eventually they will be diving in the snow in just their T-shirts and snowpants.  Lots of laughter results.  Warning:  the cold will make the volleyball harder.  Make sure campers are aware of this and keep their gloves on, or consider using a different kind of ball that will be less painful.

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